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Advertise for America (AFA) is a fully integrated Advertising, Video Production, Branding & PR Agency doing things Differently and Creating Social Impact through Career-Based Mentoring and Leadership Development. We also specialize in short films and documentaries. For example, see video above that we created for The Nature Conservancy & Hamanasi which inspired us to produce a travel documentary series featuring the worlds most unique eco-resorts and the fascinating visionaries, communities, cultures, adventures & organizations affiliated with them. 


We collaborate with and assist our clients with designing and creating unique and meaningful content as well as innovative advertising & marketing campaigns to enhance their brand identity and increase revenue by connecting them with new customers, strategic partners, donors/investors, influencers/brand ambassadors, and much more. We help our clients achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost effective way possible all while giving back and creating positive publicity through our mentoring, leadership/career development, and community engagement which is a core element to our mission and our organizations moral purpose. 


Our Team of Creative Professionals, Mentors and Advisors consist of Award Winning Directors, Cinematographers, Graphic, Web & Industrial Designers, Photographers & Editors as well as Social Media, Branding, SEO, Retail & Direct-to-Market Specialists. See some more samples of our work below. We look forward to working with you!

We met the Teysha Team at the Newport Folk Festival where they traced our feet for our first order of custom boots and "smoking slippers". We were inspired by their mission, so we traveled throughout Guatemala with the founders to tell their story through their artisans and culture. The pictures above are some behind the scene moments of the video we created as part of a branding, marketing & social media advertising campaign.

The video above was one of many that we directed, shot, and edited for Northern Outdoors which is a rustic resort and brewery offering whitewater rafting, snowmobiling, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, four wheeling and much more in northern Maine. They used this particular video for a Branding/Social Media Campaign. 

The video above was part of a branding, marketing & social media advertising campaign we designed for LinkMount which tripled sales in the first month of our launch. We are now working on a new product launch with the founder of Linkmount for one of his new companies including product and packaging design, ambassador program, as well as a go-to-market strategy for retail/wholesale & direct to consumer.

Above is one of the many videos we created for the Big Picture Learning (BPL) at their annual conference that we shot and edited in under 12 hours to allow BPL to show them to participants at the conference each following day   

We shot and edited multiple videos for OMstack Jewelry, IMSY Swimwear & ConserFest out on Block Island to be used for social media advertising campaigns. Below is a series of videos directed, shot and/or edited by our very talented director/cinematographer/editor, Andrei Zakow:

Below is a series of videos directed, shot and/or edited by our DP/Cinematographer/Editor Rajah Samaroo

Below is the first AFA video we ever created for the Doritos Half-Time Superbowl Commercial along with several student mentee projects that were primarily created for mentoring and leadership development purposes. 

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