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About Us:

Advertise for America (AfA) provides high quality result-based advertising, marketing and PR services for businesses and organizations seeking the opportunity to tell their story in a unique, artistic and creative way.

We collaborate with and assist our clients in creating strategic campaigns to improve their brands, increase their sales and connect them with more customers all while creating positive social impact. We have an innovative business model and competitive advantage that allows us to save our clients money and time while creating positive publicity through our mentoring initiatives and moral purpose. 

We provide opportunities for students to acquire real world experience and jobs through career-based mentoring, leadership development and training in marketing, advertising, branding, product launch, film production, photography, web design, social media, mobile app development, graphic design and much more. We allow students to express themselves creatively and assist them in discovering what they are most passionate about and what career field they want to pursue through our Individualized Growth Plans (IGP's). 

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