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Jacob Weaver, Founder


Jacob discovered his passion for mentoring, teaching, and leadership development after losing his eye to a random drive-by shooting when he was fifteen years old. As a result, he started a mentoring and career development program for children who had been through traumatic life experiences which eventually evolved into Advertise for America (AfA). For over a decade throughout undergraduate and graduate school and while teaching, coaching, motivational speaking, mentoring, and serving as an administrator (Director of Strategic Partnerships, Executive Director & Head of School) in a wide variety of public, private, and international schools and colleges in New York and New England, Jacob researched and experimented with his career based mentoring and leadership development programs.


It all came together while Jacob was in graduate school at Providence College (PC) and teaching web design, video production, sound engineering, and music production to middle and high school students in Rhode Island. His first project was creating a Super Bowl halftime commercial in collaboration with the students he was mentoring. Through this project he discovered a way to combine all of his passions and skills with an innovative business model leveraging a unique competitive advantage to create positive social impact. He now has the ability to select his clients and the primary goal is to find companies, organizations, and individuals who have missions that are aligned with Advertise for America and the aspirations of his students. 

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